Title Fight was
born out of digital.

And, in a world that is rapidly advancing, Title Fight stays moves ahead – constantly renewing our capabilities with the introduction of new technologies.

Similar to creative production, digital begins with an overarching Social & Digital Strategy. With audience expectations of each social and digital platform being unique, Title Fight aids campaigns in navigating the techniques necessary for great storytelling tailored to each social and digital platform.

Whether it is traditional digital avenues like Email Marketing, Adwords & Search Engine Marketing, Data-Driven Display, or the rapidly growing need for SMS Texting and Social Listening, Title Fight understands the nuances needed to be successful with each approach and designs elements to match voter and donor expectations.

 Title Fight can create custom approaches for the campaign’s needs. While our Online Fundraising tools help fuel our campaign partners, it’s the Programmatic & Addressable capabilities that are the backbone of our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat approaches.


Central to Title Fight’s approach is great storytelling.

The Mona Lisa isn’t a masterpiece because it was painted in 4k resolution. Stevie Wonder’s Uptight! isn’t a work of musical genius because it was recorded in Dolby Surround Sound. And, Running with Beto isn’t an excellent documentary about taking on the establishment because Ted Cruz lost.

These works stand out because they are compelling and unique stories.

Title Fight’s creative production process begins with Concept & Creative Development. Title Fight listens to the needs and concerns of our campaign partners to bring their messages to life.

Title Fight excels at creating Graphics for Social Media, Digital and Print Ads, and the Branding of Logos and Marks.


Email that pays for itself.

Title Fight understands the need to raise money over email.

Over the last decade, Title Fight has raised millions of dollars on email by creating content relevant to the audience.

With each list being unique to its candidate, it’s crucial to create timely emails, with sound HTML and CSS, that the audience can easily donate through.

Title Fight loves quick donation links like ActBlue’s Express Lane.

Title Fight is also well versed in list rentals, list swaps, hashing lists to a 128-bit MD5 encryption standard.


We believe that every endeavor is better with a partner.

Title Fight will design a web store in coordination with the campaign’s current design elements.

Title Fight will code the web store to comply with contemporary web standards, AES-256 encryption, and secure servers for processing credit cards.

Title Fight will generate FEC compliant reports to the campaign quarterly.

Title Fight will deploy and maintain the web store.

Title Fight will maintain physical inventory.

Title Fight will process orders and mail-ordered products three times per week.

Title Fight will coordinate with local union printers to source products.


Title Fight embodies a data driven, person first, approach towards the way it creates universes for targeting.

All ads should be filtered through the first-party and third-party data, to ensure that those being served an ad are within the campaign’s audience matrix. We have the ability to advertise directly in the pockets of potential supporters and product buyers.

In addition to the first-party and third-party data, social media data allows insights into each person in the target audience’s consumer habits. This includes the type of cars they drive, their employment status, and which magazines they subscribe to. Building creatives that speak to the individuality of potential voters maximizes the likelihood of successful conversions.

This data will be leveraged to build out a voter matrix. This voter matrix is at the backbone of the entire campaign. It prioritizes those voters who are both eligible and have shown a propensity to support similar campaigns. It then subsets voters based on campaign resources and comes up with universes of potential voters that are: must haves, nice to haves, and voters not worth the campaign’s time. This is the fastest route to quickly begin onboarding supporters while being prepared to scale-up. 


It’s time for a partykit.

Title Fight employs a series of predictive targeting techniques to identify and mobilize voters in the target universe.

To accomplish this, Title Fight uses a data-driven voter segmentation framework called LORET (LOgistic REgression Trees). 

These trees bring targeting into the 21st century. Gone are the days of solely relying on past voter history as a predictor of future participation. It’s the addition of sociodemographic information that saves the campaign time, money, and resources. 

Republican and Democratic campaigns often have access to similar sources of information. It’s how that data is processed, modeled, and ultimately acted upon that separates a winning campaign from one that just came close. 

Title Fight utilizes these practices to reformat your data to meet these standards. 


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