Great advertising breaks through the noise and clutter of everyday life. It brings into focus the purposefulness of a cause; highlights solutions to our collective problems; and, it seeks to fundamentally change the thinking of the public at large.

At Title Fight, we believe that great advertising begins with planning. At its core, our process starts with Audience Identification & Targeting.

For political campaigns, this means identifying the voters and caucus- goers who can vote for you. There is nothing worse than a great creative, with a great message, that is delivered to audiences who live out of district – or worse, out of state.

With Audience Identification & Targeting complete, we turn our efforts towards Media Planning & Buying. We have the right tools to find and buy the best inventory available on a national scale. We employ Programmatic & Addressable solutions which leverage the national voter file by tapping into the API’s of NGP VAN.Our Programmatic & Addressable capabilities include inventory on social, digital, and television exchanges.

Being Programmatic allows Title Fight to buy the best inventory in real time and at scale. Being Addressable offers our clients the ability to show different ads to different households while they are watching the same television show; scrolling on the same social networks; and, reading the same news articles. Combined, these two leverage first and third party data to deliver messages relative to the individual voter and their families.

Like Mariano Rivera, Title Fight has a closer. Our Analytics & Reporting allows insights into the advertising placed. With real-time feedback and relevancy scores in hand, Title Fight is able to adjust to any creative, messaging, and placement to better serve the campaign’s central goals.

Creative Production

Central to Title Fight’s approach is great story telling.

The Mona Lisa isn’t a masterpiece because it was painted in 4k resolution. Stevie Wonder’s Uptight! isn’t a work of musical genius because it was recorded in Dolby Surround Sound. And, Street Fight isn’t a great documentary about taking on the establishment because Sharpe James lost.

These works standout because they are telling great stories in a compelling and unique way.

Title Fight’s creative production process begins with Concept & Creative Development. Title Fight listen’s to the needs and concerns of our campaign partner’s to bring their messages to life.

Title Fight’s Production for Paid and Organic Video is shot in a 4k format with a dual audio system. Title Fight’s videos are bright, clear, and professionally lit. All audio is recorded with high-end shotgun microphones on a dual audio system. Title Fight can produce scripted, interview-style, and conceptual videos that fit within the campaign’s budget.

Along with video production, Title Fight excels at Graphics for Social Media, Digital and Print Ads, and the Branding of Logos and Marks.


Title Fight was born out of digital. And, in a world that is rapidly advancing, Title Fight stays moves ahead – constantly renewing our capabilities with the introduction of new technologies.

Similar to creative production, digital begins with an over arching Social & Digital Strategy. With voter’s expectations of each social and digital platform being unique, Title Fight aids campaigns in navigating the techniques necessary for great story telling tailored to each social and digital platform.

Whether it is traditional digital avenues like Email Marketing, Adwords & Search Engine Marketing, and Data-Driven Display, or the rapidly growing need for SMS Texting and Social Listening, Title Fight understands the nuances needed to be successful with each approach.

Title Fight can create custom approaches for each campaign’s needs. While our Online Fundraising tools help fuel our campaign partner’s, it’s the Programmatic & Addressable capabilities that are the backbone of our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat approaches.


Title Fight loves mail.

Title Fight partner Lou McDonald’s father (also named Lou McDonald), worked at an Allied Print Shop in Paterson, New Jersey for 27 years.

Title Fight believes that mail is the natural extension of the work done in preparation for social, digital, and television. With the Writing and Design fleshed out in the Creative Production phase,

Title Fight has the right relationships with union print shops across the country to assure Printing, Mail-Housing, and Freight are taken care of.

Mail should be the complement of social, digital, and television advertising efforts. With a correctly timed mail program, a potential voter should be served a television ad while they are scrolling on social and digital platforms, and receive a message reinforcing piece in the mail.

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